Meet Our Somatic Supervisor

Jonathan Zerbin


Somatic Supervision, Body-Mind-Spirit Online (Edmonton, AB, Canada time zone).

Jonathan offers supervision, coaching, consulting, and client case support specifically tailored for therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals. He is a Bodynamic International board member, developer of educational material, assistant trainer and practitioner.

Utilizing the Bodynamic Analysis System of Somatic Developmental Psychology, Jonathan provides guidance and insight into the complexities of human behavior and emotional well-being. His approach emphasizes body awareness, psychological exploration and mind-body integration, enhancing professionals' skills and understanding. Whether refining therapeutic techniques or exploring new strategies for client growth and transformation, Jonathan supports your professional journey, fostering greater impact in your practice.

His offers include:

  • Client Case Support.

  • Support for Challenging Clients suffering from Shock, Developmental Trauma & Complex PTSD.

  • Coaching on Bodynamic Models.

  • Structured & Supervised Bodynamic practice sessions for colleagues.

  • Bodynamic Bodymap Analysis and Interpretation for your clients or yourself.

  • Sessions can be 1-on-1 or in small groups.

Created already over 1000 (!) slides in his practice, Jonathan uses PowerPoint presentations that are specifically tailor-made, ensuring you grasp the concepts thoroughly. If you’re intrigued by Somatic Developmental Psychology and the Bodynamic approach, but lack formal training, Jonathan can provide you with examples on how this approach could be used with your clients.

Not only will he share all materials presented, but every session will also be recorded and made available for lifetime access on Vimeo. You can choose between online sessions via Zoom or in-person sessions (conducted in Edmonton, AB, Canada). Opting for in-person sessions offers the added benefit of hands-on practice with exercises.

More about Jonathan:

Jonathan has a passion for getting involved in projects that he believes are going to change the world for the better. In addition to his work in Somatic Developmental Psychology, Jonathan simultaneously leads a clean tech energy research company and guides a team of talented engineers. In his downtime you can find him kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos islands.

Technical Details:

Sessions generally last between one and two hours. After the initial hour, charges are applied in 15-minute increments. Discounts are available to students currently enrolled in a Bodynamic training.

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